Lyke House: “It’s About Heritage”

It has been my wish and prayer to be a member of a Catholic church somewhere close to my college, and the Catholic Center at Lyke House has been a dream come true and answered.
Genevieve Cardos, Lyke House Student and Bowman Scholar
Lyke House is more than a building; it’s more than a network or community. It’s a family. We respect and support each other, embrace our differences and use them to grow. But most importantly, we always make it a point to come back home.
Cicily Smith, Lyke House Alumnae
My intention to become a Catholic convert was my deeply felt need, which the Lord provided at the Lyke House while I was a student. I was challenged to learn, grow, work, build relationships, learn the faith, and grow closer and more faithful to Jesus with a lively lot whose memory and support I cherish daily, and always will.
Richard Mazyck, Lyke House Alumnus

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2104, 2015

2015 Easter Message

It’s hard for us to believe that after all these 2000 years and many trusted witnesses, there is no proof of the resurrection of Jesus. He told his disciples and his friends that his Father […]

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1604, 2015

A Divine Mercy Reflection

Sometimes I wonder how we have come in popular thinking to believe that faith follows understanding. The reality is that faith seeks understanding; fides querens intellectum, as the Latin principle has it.

The scriptures of Divine […]

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2303, 2015

Thoughts on “The Slap”

I am all “hyped” about The Slap. We have watched three installments of the eight-event series here at Lyke House so far, and none have disappointed. The acting is not spectacular … but then again, […]

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103, 2015

What Is Lent?

Scripture reference: John 9:1-41
Jesus asked the man born blind to put mud on his eyes and then go wash. On Ash Wednesday we were asked to put dirt on our foreheads as a sign of […]

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611, 2014

What’s a Ministry Assistant, Anyway?

Some years ago the second movie in the Austin Powers franchise introduced the world to “Mini Me,” the clone of his archenemy Dr. Evil. I have often described Ministry Assistants (MA’s) here at Lyke House […]

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3010, 2014

Thought’s from Sunday, Oct. 26th Gospel

In the Gospel of Matthew the Scribes and Pharisees considered Jesus as one of them.  As far as they knew, he was there to debate the law and its prescriptions.  When you become aware, as […]

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2110, 2014

A Black Catholic Tradition of Campus Ministry

When these words first tripped off my tongue about 14 years ago, Deacon and Mrs. Fred Sambrone, Merrine McDonald and I didn’t quite know what we meant, at least not exactly. We knew that this […]

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1802, 2014

“What’s Love Got to Do With It?: A Valentine Reflection”

Lying prostrate on my living room couch, trying desperately to liberate myself from the throws of the flu-like illness that put me there, I became aware that this event called St. Valentine’s Day was approaching.  […]

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1211, 2013

Looking Back for a Way Forward

We arrive once again at the month of November, the month of the Holy Souls in the liturgical calendar; Black Catholic History Month in the Black Catholic Calendar.

On this 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time, the […]

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